Brenda Kalivianakis

for Town Council

Fountain Hills, Arizona
Brenda Kalivianakis

for Town Council

Fountain Hills, Arizona

Brenda graduated Southern Illinois University Law School in 1988 and became a Prosecutor in the State’s Attorney Office. Thereafter, she became a criminal defense attorney and created a successful marketing company in Chicago. Brenda currently serves as a Divisional Staff Officer for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, is a member of the Division Color Guard and plays the saxophone in the USCG Aux Arizona band.

Brenda moved to Fountain Hills in 2015. Like so many others, she feels the country, our state and our beloved town are moving in the wrong direction. Instead of sitting back and watching it happen, she is running for Town Council to bring a common sense, conservative,¬†and constitutional voice to our Town Council. ¬†Brenda’s candidacy has been endorsed by Gerry Friedel, who is currently serving as Town Councilman for Fountain Hills.

Brenda’s Promise to You

Maximize economic opportunities

End wasteful spending and pet projects

Ensure the infrastructure is well-maintained and safe

Ensure our finances are stable and sustainable

A commitment to an open and responsive government

Preserving our special, small-town character

Endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio

“I have known Brenda for several years. She has dedicated much of her life serving the people as a prosecutor, USCG Auxiliarist, businesswoman and model citizen. I’m convinced she will be a tremendous addition to the Fountain Hills Town Council; therefore, I enthusiastically endorse Brenda K.”

-Sheriff Joe M. Arpaio

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