Thank you, Fountain Hills.

After consulting with the Fountain Hills Clerk and leading in the voting with 5,907 votes for Town Council, I have won my bid to be seated as your new Fountain Hills Town Council person.
The following Press Release has been sent to the Arizona Republic and the Fountain Hills Times.
For Immediate Release – 08/09/2022:
Brenda Kalivianakis-Fountain Hills, Arizona:
“I am very grateful to the Fountain Hills community for their support and confidence in what has been my first run for public office. During the last year, I have never worked so hard, nor have I met so many wonderful people in my life. The residents of Fountain Hills are simply extraordinary in character, and they love the special nature of our community.
I will do my very best to serve the people well and will have an open-door policy. I hope to hear from the community about their concerns and vision for the future of our town. I am honored the people have chosen me to serve them as their representative on the Fountain Hills Town Council. We face many difficult and challenging issues in our fair town; It will take intelligence, courage and dedication to solve these challenges and make Fountain Hills a prosperous, safe community that sets the standard in good governance.
I would like to thank for voters for their confidence in my qualifications and experience to make Fountain Hills a better place for us all.”